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parentSlightly updating texts in manpage. (diff)
Adding a section about providing locales and locales-all in manpage (Closes: #859912).
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diff --git a/share/man/locales-c.utf-8.7.txt b/share/man/locales-c.utf-8.7.txt
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--- a/share/man/locales-c.utf-8.7.txt
+++ b/share/man/locales-c.utf-8.7.txt
@@ -131,6 +131,32 @@ using en_US.UTF-8:
* For European systems the non-metric en_US.UTF-8 locale is somewhat alien,
whereas the C.UTF-8 follows the ISO standards (metric system).
+The locale-c.utf-8 package conflicts, replaces and provides the locales and
+locales-all package. While this allows to satisfy the package dependencies
+of other packages upon locales and locales-all, the locale-c.utf-8 does not
+contain any locales at all.
+Therefore packages that are build-depending on locales or locales-all and
+are actually using another locale than C.UTF-8 directly, will fail.
+However satisfying the package-manager to allow to use C.UTF-8 instead of
+being forced to install locales or locales-all uselessly is the sole purpose
+of the locales-c.utf-8 package.
+Given that apt handels this properly this is not really a problem:
+ * apt install locales or apt install locales-all will always install
+ the actual locales or locales-all package, not the locale-c.utf-8
+ providing it.
+ * packages declaring a depends or build-depends against locales or
+ locales-all, will get locales or locales-all pulled in, not
+ locales-c.utf-8.
+A system only gets the locales-c.utf-8 package installed if the system
+administrator installs it on purpose which is fine.