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+container-tools: Bugs
+1. veth not removed on container stop
+When stopping a container, it irregularly but reproducibly happen that the
+corresponding veth device of the container is not shutdown, making it
+impossible to start the container again.
+This is caused by a kernel bug not cleaning up veth devices on container
+collapsing. The veth device is supposed to be go away automatically after
+some time, definitely after a reboot though.
+A manual workaround is to shutdown the veth device manually with:
+# ip link delete ${VETH_DEVICE}
+There is a patch for it, see for more information:
+FIXME: add nspan message about it here
+2. bug with machine.slices etc
+3. veth length
+systemd creates veth devices on the fly and names them vb-$NAME, where NAME is the
+container name truncated to the first 10 characters.
+Problem: if you have several containers named with the first 10 characters to be
+identical, systemd will not be able to create a new veth device.
+4. root console
+# Let's attach a console to the example container.
+# Note: we did not create a user in the container,
+# logging in as root over a pseudo-terminal is
+# considered insecure by pam and will fail.
+cnt console -n
+# Let's disable for demonstration purpose only.
+vi /var/lib/machines/
+# Now login as root will work.
+cnt console -n