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Expanding host-setup documentation about ipv4/ipv6 dual-stack bridge configuration.
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@@ -216,3 +216,23 @@ IPv6 addresses and netmasks.
In order to use dual-stack, bridges must have a IPv4 address assigned
(can be a dummy one from a privacy range or
+Let me repeat: dual-stack only works when you assign a primary IPv6 address
+(private or public, doesn't matter) *and* add an additional IPv4 address.
+Yes, the IPv4 address can be a private address, the containers can still
+have a public IPv4 address.
+A complete example looks like this:
+auto bridge0
+iface bridge0 inet6 static
+ address 2a07:6b47:4::4:1
+ netmask 48
+ up ip addr add dev $IFACE
+ down ip addr del dev $IFACE
+ bridge_fd 0
+ bridge_maxwait 0
+ bridge_stp 0
+ bridge-mcquerier 1