BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
20190301-ltsReleasing version 20190301-lts2.Daniel Baumann20 months
mainReleasing version 20210411.Daniel Baumann8 hours
nextUpdating unit file for systemd 246 wrt/ StandardError and StandardOutput opti...Daniel Baumann7 hours
tmp-bugfix-not-unique-cfgFIXMEDaniel Baumann2 years
tmp-dxk1Replace debian.list by debian.sources.Katharina Drexel2 days
tmp-ip-from-dnsMaking IP address automatic substitutions in preseed files for container debc...Daniel Baumann3 years
tmp-nspawn2Adding local includes (files copy; FIXME).Daniel Baumann3 years
tmp-openvswitchUsing openvswitch instead of linux bridges.Simon Spöhel2 weeks
tmp-pythonAdding Baumann10 hours
tmp-qemuFirst booting efi version.Simon Spöhel4 days
v20210411compute-tools-20210411.tar.xz  Daniel Baumann8 hours
v20210101compute-tools-20210101.tar.xz  Daniel Baumann2 months
v20201030compute-tools-20201030.tar.xz  Daniel Baumann5 months
v20200830compute-tools-20200830.tar.xz  Daniel Baumann7 months
v20200121compute-tools-20200121.tar.xz  Daniel Baumann15 months
v20191104compute-tools-20191104.tar.xz  Daniel Baumann17 months
v20190301-lts2compute-tools-20190301-lts2.tar.xz  Daniel Baumann20 months
v20190811compute-tools-20190811.tar.xz  Daniel Baumann20 months
v20190413compute-tools-20190413.tar.xz  Daniel Baumann24 months
v20190319compute-tools-20190319.tar.xz  Daniel Baumann2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
8 hoursReleasing version 20210411.HEADv20210411mainDaniel Baumann2-1/+38
8 hoursUpdating preseed examples for debconf container scripts to bullseye.Daniel Baumann2-6/+6
8 hoursSynchronising versioning number for progress-linux releases in debconf contai...Daniel Baumann1-1/+1
8 hoursAdding support for Debian bookworm in container debconf create script.Daniel Baumann2-3/+3
8 hoursUsing https instead of http in all comments.Daniel Baumann56-56/+56
8 hoursUsing https for in container create related items.Daniel Baumann3-6/+6
8 hoursRemoving stretch support from debconf container create script.Daniel Baumann1-2/+2
8 hoursRemoving sysvinit hack for progress-linux in debconf container create script,...Daniel Baumann1-7/+0
8 hoursRemoving readline hack for progress-linux in debconf container create script,...Daniel Baumann1-7/+0
8 hoursRemoving base-files hacks for progress-linux in debconf container create scri...Daniel Baumann1-20/+0