BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
20161101-ltsReleasing version 20161101-lts2.Daniel Baumann6 years
20190301-ltsReleasing version 20190301-lts2.Daniel Baumann4 years
mainReworking container version command in python.Daniel Baumann7 weeks
nextAdding todo file (FIXME).Daniel Baumann8 weeks
next+pythonpython module (FIXME)Daniel Baumann20 months
next+rebaseAlso removing config file stub when exiting build- or create-scripts.Daniel Baumann17 months
next+webUpdating.Daniel Baumann6 weeks
next-brokenRemoving undesirable --verbose option when calling mmdebstrap in debconf cont...Daniel Baumann23 months
tmp-bugfix-not-unique-cfgFIXMEDaniel Baumann4 years
tmp-davidChange config-update.David Kunz6 years
tmp-dxk1Adding archive key verification.Katharina Drexel23 months
tmp-fencedavids debian directoryDavid Kunz19 months
tmp-hookshost setup (FIXME).Daniel Baumann6 years
tmp-ip-from-dnsMaking IP address automatic substitutions in preseed files for container debc...Daniel Baumann5 years
tmp-ip-from-dns-2tmpDaniel Baumann13 months
tmp-ip-from-dns-3Updating.Daniel Baumann13 months
tmp-list-to-sourcesUsing repo.sources instead of repo.list for local repositories in debconf bui...Daniel Baumann6 months
tmp-nspawnAdding crudini to list of depends in container-tools manpage.Daniel Baumann6 years
tmp-nspawn2Adding local includes (files copy; FIXME).Daniel Baumann5 years
tmp-openvswitchovs documentationDaniel Baumann21 months
tmp-pythonAdding Baumann23 months
tmp-qemuCorrecting vm template.Sakirnth Nagarasa13 months
tmp-shell-logAdding logging.Daniel Baumann6 years