BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
20161101-ltsReleasing version 20161101-lts2.Daniel Baumann4 years
20190301-ltsReleasing version 20190301-lts2.Daniel Baumann10 months
masterAdding run comment in version command.Daniel Baumann2 months
nextAdding container run command to execute programs within containers.Daniel Baumann5 months
tmp-bugfix-not-unique-cfgFIXMEDaniel Baumann18 months
tmp-danielasciicast #2Daniel Baumann4 years
tmp-daniel2Adding signature check for downloads.Daniel Baumann4 years
tmp-daniel3Adding debconf support for image selection in curl container create script (F...Daniel Baumann4 years
tmp-davidChange config-update.David Kunz4 years
tmp-hookshost setup (FIXME).Daniel Baumann3 years
tmp-ifupdownUpdating.Daniel Baumann3 years
tmp-ip-from-dnsMaking IP address automatic substitutions in preseed files for container debc...Daniel Baumann3 years
tmp-nspawnAdding crudini to list of depends in container-tools manpage.Daniel Baumann3 years
tmp-nspawn2Adding local includes (files copy; FIXME).Daniel Baumann2 years
tmp-shell-logAdding logging.Daniel Baumann3 years
tmp-topUpdating.Daniel Baumann3 years