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* Updating copyright notices for 2024.Daniel Baumann2024-04-2610-10/+10
* Updating copyright notices for 2023.Daniel Baumann2023-11-2010-10/+10
* Also calling pull the current branch in git-pull-branches.Daniel Baumann2023-06-171-0/+5
* Adding git-pull-branches in git-tools.Daniel Baumann2023-02-191-0/+49
* Consistently using curly braces for variables in git-whoami.Daniel Baumann2022-06-141-7/+7
* Changing default value handling for variables in git-whoami to more portable ...Daniel Baumann2022-06-141-4/+4
* Adding quotes arround some variables in git-tools to prevent globbing and wor...Daniel Baumann2022-06-143-3/+3
* Using read -r to not mangle backslashes in git-tools.Daniel Baumann2022-06-141-1/+1
* Updating copyright notices for 2022.Daniel Baumann2022-01-059-9/+9
* Simplifying quiet output handling in git-repo-repack.Daniel Baumann2021-12-311-3/+10
* Correcting current and default branch handling in git-checkout-branches.Daniel Baumann2021-10-131-6/+1
* Changing variable usage and quoting for 'git gc' options to fix git-repo-repa...Daniel Baumann2021-09-281-1/+1
* Correcting wrong directory-name when installing git hooks.Daniel Baumann2021-09-261-2/+2
* Renaming giit-hook.d to git-hook for consistency.Daniel Baumann2021-09-051-0/+0
* Harmonizing copyright headers.Daniel Baumann2021-09-048-0/+152
* Adding git tools.Daniel Baumann2021-08-2810-0/+257