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* Adding container update command.Daniel Baumann2021-07-271-0/+143
* Support fetching local keys from keyring library in container key command.Daniel Baumann2021-07-261-0/+6
* Support fetching remote keys from keyserver in container key command.Daniel Baumann2021-07-261-2/+7
* Speeding up container list command by optimizing IP address gathering.Daniel Baumann2021-07-261-1/+2
* Speeding up container list command by not gathering IP addresses for output f...Daniel Baumann2021-07-261-1/+9
* Updating default keyserver for container key command.Daniel Baumann2021-07-261-1/+1
* Adding container get command.Daniel Baumann2021-07-261-0/+284
* Renaming container create command to container build.Daniel Baumann2021-07-261-5/+5
* Adding check for writable gpg directory in container key command.Daniel Baumann2021-07-261-0/+9
* Also removing lock file when force-stopping a container.Daniel Baumann2021-07-201-0/+2
* Reverting openvswitch, not really ready yet.Daniel Baumann2021-06-302-38/+36
* Using openvswitch instead of linux bridges.Simon Spöhel2021-06-292-36/+38
* Adding initial container info command.Daniel Baumann2021-06-291-0/+214
* Using cnt run to determine IP addresses in container list.Daniel Baumann2021-06-061-8/+17
* Allowing to specify cnt.start=force in container config to ease fencing with ...Daniel Baumann2021-06-062-2/+14
* Using https instead of http in all comments.Daniel Baumann2021-04-1117-17/+17
* Adding hook support to container log command for consistency.Daniel Baumann2021-04-111-0/+20
* Using /var/log/compute-tools instead of /var/log/open-infrastructure.Daniel Baumann2021-04-111-1/+1
* Using /usr/share/compute-tools instead of /usr/share/open-infrastructure/cont...Daniel Baumann2021-04-112-3/+3
* Moving config files from /etc/open-infrastructure to /etc/compute-tools.Daniel Baumann2021-04-1117-23/+40
* Moving command files from /usr/lib to /usr/libexec.Daniel Baumann2021-04-1117-0/+3411